Welcoming the General Treasurer

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The General Treasurer Fr. Lucas during his visit in the Scj-province of Cameroon made a short but great trip in our community Dehon’s Formation House, Bamenda. The community is a mixed one made up three groups of persons: postulants, scholastics studying Philosophy and priests who assist in the formation these youths.

Fr. Lucas is a confrere priest from the province of Northern Italy. He arrived in Cameroon for his first time accompanied by Mr. Alto with whom he works in the general treasury of the congregation at Rome. After having visited some other communities of the province, they came in our community under the guidance of the provincial treasurer Fr. John Divine Vernyuy on Tuesday 25th February, 2019 at 11am and this, despite the socio-political crisis that we have been facing in Bamenda.

According to Fr. Lucas, his visit in our community aimed at knowing more about our economic life. He was interested in the means that we use daily in order to maintain an economic equilibrium and to contribute to the growth of our province as far its economy is concerned. As soon as he arrived, he had a meeting of about one hour with the scholastics as he had strongly wanted. This meeting was about sharing on his service as General Treasurer and on the current challenges that every dehonian, young or old, should deal with in order to contribute to the well-being of the province and the congregation at large.

At 12:30 pm while we were all waiting for lunch, a series of songs especially in the local and tribal languages were intoned by the community orchestra for honoring in an African way, our great guests. After lunch, Fr. Lucas and Mr. Alto furthered their stay by visiting the whole compound of the community; the chapel, the buildings, the environment, the garden and the animal farm which help the community in its auto-financing. They concluded their stay by a meeting with the priests in the community: Fr. Charles A. Koudjou, Fr. Guy B. Wabo, Fr. Jean Paul Labou, Fr. Thibault Wabo and D. Prosper Nyuydze.

It was about 4pm that Fr. Lucas, the General Treasurer, Mr Alto, the General Accountant and Fr. John Divine Vernyuy, the Provincial Treasurer left Dehon’s Formation House, Bamenda, after a short but great trip.

Br. Idriss D. Fotié, scj