Dehonians in the sociopolitical crisis in Cameroon


Crisis is a period of conflictual tension or a deep unbalance situation. Since 2016, Cameroon is going through a serious Socio-Political crisis in the South and North west region of the country, which is called “Anglophone crisis”.

The Dehonians are the members of the congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, founded by the venerable Father Leo John Dehon on the 28 June 1878. By the gift of their charism, they are called to be present near the poor, the helplessness, the hungry, those who suffers and those who need help. So what can the Dehonians do in the midst of this crisis where people are suffering abundantly?

La suite : L’engagement dehonien dans la crise anglophone

By Brother NGUEMENI Franck Joel, SCJ.

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