We the members of the Dehons’ Formation House Ntasen-Bamenda had the privilege on the 08-01-2020 to receive eight (8) new pre-novices into our congregation. This was after a period of three (3) and a half month of pre-postulant. This occasion was during the holy mass, with the Provincial Superior Rev.Fr Jean Marie Signie as the main celebrant; together with other priests who con-celebrated with him. The readings of the day were drawn from 1John4:7-10, psalm 72:1-2.3-4a.7-8 and Mark 6:34-44. He started his homily by encouraging firstly the whole community Vis-a-Vis the current Socio-Political crisis in the North West and south west region of the country.

      Drawing his inspiration from John he said, “God love us” and this love of God is one of the pillar of our spirituality and our presence here in Bamenda is a sign of that love. That is an answer to that love of God he never cease offering to us.

   To look at it critically, many of these our brothers were admitted into the pre-postulant but due to the present crisis, many preferred not to show up. May be out of fear and other reasons. So,  accepting to be here is a respond to this love of God through Christ Jesus. So we are called to be molded in this love of God by the Lord through the hands of our formators. Like in the today gospel, our presence may seem insignificant in the midst of these people as the loaves of bread and the two fish, but we should offer it to God as a sign of hope and love of God among his suffering people. He concluded his homily by encouraging the whole congregation to stand firm no matter the challenges. Since our presence as a community here in Bamenda is a sign of God’s presence in the midst of his people. Through our active presence in their midst, they are comforted and still believe God love them. Though, we may think our presence is insignificant.

  After the solemn blessing at the end of the mass, we had some snaps short and we concluded the day with a fraternal meal.